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Bakersfield is the 9th largest city in California, boasting a population of 375,000 by the last census. With three major State Routes and one Interstate Highway running through it, hundreds of thousands of cars go through Bakersfield every day. In 2013 Bakersfield reported 1,445 car accidents that resulted in injuries or fatalities… that’s an average of 4 car accidents every single day. Car accidents happen when you least expect it and always seem to be at the most inopportune time. Suddenly you find yourself with so many questions… where do I take my car to get fixed? What doctor or chiropractor should I go to? We are here to help answer those questions. With our connections in the medical field, we can help connect you to the doctor or chiropractor that’s right for you.

Were you injured in a motorcycle accident? Bakersfield reported 58 motorcycle accidents in 2013. Motorcycles are increasing in popularity due to their gas efficiency and ease of motility. Unfortunately cars do not often watch for motorcycles like they should, and since motorcycles are smaller and harder to see, accidents happen often. Cars change lanes without looking, stop suddenly, or are simply driving while distracted, which leads to motorcycles accidents. With less protection than someone inside a conventional vehicle, motorcycle riders are often seriously injured in accidents. If you or your loved one has suffered a motorcycle accident, let the experienced team at The Injury Law Firm help you today. Consultations are free, and we are standing by to answer your questions.

Bakersfield has plans in place to begin construction on freeway extensions in the next few years, as well as plans to build a network of beltways within the city. This will lead to even more traffic on the roads, and an increased risk of accidents. If you’ve been injured, we want to help. We can help with accidents of all kinds, we have the knowledge and tools to help you get the money and care you deserve. Call us today.

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