$40 Million Dollar Settlement

Restaurant Responsible For Wrongful Death

An underage male was served alcohol at a restaurant without being carded. He later became violent, and a fight broke out with another patron. The underage male stabbed the other involved man,
who tragically died as a result of his injuries.

Confidential Settlement

Train Derailment

A commuter train derailed after striking a mudslide that had covered the tracks, and one of the train cars fell into a nearby creek. Our client was injured in the horrible crash, which should have been avoided due to detection systems on the railroad tracks.

Confidential Settlement

Mid Air Plane Crash Wrongful Death

Two planes collided in mid air, and an air traffic controller at the field was cited for a series of mistakes that was the likely cause of the accident. Five people were killed in the terrible accident, including a Fortune 500 executive and several military contractor employees.

Confidential Settlement

Electrocution Accident

Our client Mary was drying her hair in her bathroom when she heard screams coming from her adult son, Richard, who was in the family’s backyard. She ran out and saw Richard lying on the ground writhing in pain next to a crackling power line. Richard, who also became our client, had accidentally touched a downed Southern California Edison power line.

$2 Million Settlement

Church Event Negligence

One of our past clients and their spouse were attending a catered event at a church. The spouse of our client was the first in line at the punch bowl. After taking a drink of what she thought was fruit punch, the client’s spouse discovered that the substance they drank was not punch. Indeed, the red colored liquid was actually a deadly poison called lye.

$1.1 Million Settlement

Distracted Driver Causes Vehicle Crash

During heavy, rush hour traffic, our client was seriously injured in a multi-vehicle rear-end collision caused by the driver of a heavy-duty pickup truck who was distracted because he was busy talking on a hands-free cell phone.

$1 Million Settlement

Motorist Struck By Runaway Tire

Our client was out enjoying a ride on his motorcycle driving on the US 95 freeway when the defendant’s truck tire fell off its axle and rolled into him sending him flying over the handlebars and eventually into the pavement.

$998,000 Settlement

Car Crash Caused By Failure To Yield Right Of Way

We helped the injured client in this case sue the driver of a pickup truck after he caused a car accident by making a left-hand turn in front of our client’s Ford Expedition.

$900,000 Settlement

Multi Vehicle Truck Accident

Our client was the passenger in the front seat of a car traveling southbound on the 15 freeway in the No. 3 lane. The car had been stopped in traffic for less than a minute.

$855,000 Settlement

Vehicle Crash After Failure To Stop For Stop Sign

Our client was seriously injured after another driver under the influence of a controlled substance failed to stop at a stop sign at the end of a freeway off ramp and smashed into his car.

$795,000 Settlement

Rear-End Car Accident

Our clients sued the driver of a Ford F550 and his employer after being struck in a rear-end collision that caused severe, debilitating injuries to her neck and lower back.

$750,000 Settlement

Car Accident Attorney

This multiple vehicle traffic accident caused painful neck and back injuries to our client because the driver of a 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix wasn’t paying attention to traffic.

$711,000 Settlement

Vehicle Accident With Big Rig Truck

Our client was lucky to survive a serious accident after colliding with two tractor trailer trucks as she was driving on the 58 freeway.

$650,000 Settlement

Rear-End Vehicle Collision

Our client was a passenger in a black 2010 Toyota pickup truck last May in an Irvine car accident. She and the driver were waiting at a red traffic light when an out-of-town driver in a silver Chevrolet sedan struck the truck from behind twice before the vehicles came to a stop.

$479,000 Settlement

Rear-End Collision

The client in this case filed a lawsuit against the driver of another car after the rear-end collision caused her severe back pain including disc problems. Our client was riding as a passenger in a 1997 Saturn sedan on the eastbound 91 freeway near the University Avenue off ramp.

$479,000 Settlement

Rear-End Collision Settled

Our client was riding as a passenger in a 1997 Saturn sedan on the eastbound 91 freeway near the University Avenue off ramp. The traffic ahead began to slow down and the Saturn was struck from behind at about 65mph by a truck driver. The collision caused the Saturn to spin out of control and hit the divider.

$268,000 Settlement

Rollover Car Crash

Our injured client, was driving on a two-lane road in his black Infiniti sedan when another driver pulled directly in front of our client’s vehicle and slammed into the side of it. The crash caused our client’s vehicle to swerve off the roadway, overturn and strike a lemon tree where it came to rest.

$250,000 Settlement

Parking Lot Car Crash by Speeding Driver

Our injured client was driving in an alley behind a hardware store when a red Toyota sedan crashed into our client’s vehicle. The driver of the Toyota was cited by police under Vehicle Code Section 22350 for driving an unsafe speed on a roadway. The injuries our 40 year old client suffered included neck and back pain that required disc replacement surgery and physical therapy.

$225,000 Settlement

Palmdale Car Accident

Roughly two years ago, our client and her two children were stopped waiting for the traffic light to turn green in the westbound lanes of Pearblossom Highway and 40th Street in Palmdale, California. About 30 seconds after she stopped, another vehicle slammed into the back of her vehicle. The force of the impact pushed her vehicle into the intersection.

$150,000 Settlement

Severe Car Crash Caused By Red Light Runner

Our client, a Gardena woman in her mid-50s, was driving her GMC Safari van on 7th Street in downtown Los Angeles. She was approaching the intersection at Main Street and had a green light. Another driver in a Mercedes drove through a red light and struck her van. The impact was so severe it caused her vehicle to push forward into a pole.

$100,000 Settlement

Sudden Acceleration Vehicle Accident  

An elderly driver in her 80s, struck and injured our client in a sudden acceleration accident in the 1100 block of 183rd Street. Our 39 year old client was standing inside her relative’s Pack to Go business when she was struck by the driver of the 2003 Saturn sedan as it drove up into the sidewalk and through a glass window.

$100,000 Settlement

Motorcycle Accident Caused From Negligent Lane Changer

Our injured client was riding his yellow 2004 Suzuki ESXR 600 motorcycle in the westbound lanes of State Route 91 freeway in the spring of 2012. A motorist driving a gold 1990s Nissan Pathfinder sport utility vehicle was also traveling on the freeway in the same direction. The driver of the SUV suddenly changed lanes and crashed into our client.

$100,000 Settlement

Pregnant Client Rear-Ended by Distracted Driver

About a year ago, our client was roughly six months pregnant when she was rear-ended by a distracted driver as she stopped at the traffic light at the Interstate 405 Freeway northbound on-ramp. As our client patiently waited for her turn to enter the Interstate 405 freeway, she was suddenly struck from behind by the driver of a Honda Odyssey.

$100,000 Settlement

Car Crash Caused By Illegal Left Turn

A 37 year old Rialto man was driving his 2007 Cadillac with his wife westbound on Citrus Avenue. As they approached the intersection at University Street, the 42 year old woman driving with two passengers in a grey 2008 Acura pulled out in front of their car and made a left-hand turn onto the northbound University Street.