TGI Fridays Loses $40 Million Lawsuit in Safety & Alcohol-Related Lawsuit — The Injury Law Firm Filed Suit on Behalf of the Victim’s Family

A Riverside Superior Court Jury awarded a $40 million judgment against the franchisee of the popular restaurant chain, TGI Fridays and others citing the restaurant had previous knowledge it was servicing excessive amounts of alcohol, serving minors and that the premises were frequented by violent people (case RIC1100955, Operative Facts pg 5) — practices that ultimately led to the stabbing death of 33-year old Orlando Jordan, a loan officer at Wells Fargo Bank (case RIF148496) filed at Riverside Superior Court. The attorneys at The Injury Law Firm represented the victim’s family for 3 years and assembled multiple focus groups pre-trial.


“The Soul of Success” Vol. 2

Jack Canfield, the co-author of the major best-seller “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series, recently published a new installment titled “The Soul of Success” Vol. 2, in which West had the pleasure of being featured.  In the hit seller, an attorney from The Injury Law Firm details his success in the field of law and more specifically, in personal injury cases.  Look out for this book when it hits the shelf in the Fall of 2015.


The Press Enterprise

Among various local and regional news channels that published the article, The Press Enterprise, a major online news channel, ran the feature story of The Injury Law Firm’s latest accomplishment in earning a local Riverside family a $40 million verdict in a violence and alcohol-related wrongful death case against the restaurant franchise, TGI Friday’s.  Read more about the success of the attorneys at The Injury Law Firm in the Press Enterprise article.  Also commentating on the success the attorneys at The Injury Law Firm for the Jordan family, the Newport Beach Independent ran a similar story in the news at the same time that The Press Enterprise did.


Newport Beach Independent

The Injury Law Firm’s “What I Have to be Thankful For” contest was the subject of a 2013 article in the Newport Beach Independent. The piece contains a brief explanation of the contest, which will award a $1,000 savings bond to the author of the essay chosen as the best among those submitted to the Facebook page created for the event, entry in which is restricted to children ages 12 or younger. It also contains a brief background of the attorneys at The Injury Law Firm’s.


Orange County Register

In the month of August 2013, The Orange County Register published a story about the attorneys at The Injury Law Firm, and their innovative use of a courtroom in his offices to help make the best possible arguments for juries.

By convening a mock jury in his offices and practicing his statements before them, the firm is able to hone what he will eventually present at trial.

To learn more, read the full Orange County Register article detailing the firms’ use of a mock courtroom.


OC Metro

In May of 2013 The OC Metro wrote a feature titled “Mock Trial Triumph,” highlighting the firms’ installation of a mock courtroom in their offices to help train his staff and hone his own presentations before juries.

Unlike any lawyers in the area, The Injury Law Firm uses an actual courtroom setting built right into his headquarters for practice runs before trying in front of a real jury. The attorneys at The Injury Law Firm work to do everything possible to make sure they are fully prepared. Learn more by clicking OC Metro’s feature story.


Newport Beach Independent

The Newport Beach Independent highlighted The Injury Law Firm’s anti-bullying campaign.  As a family that has experienced the effects of bullying first-hand, the attorneys at The Injury Law Firm have dedicated their career and efforts to help stop bullying and the wrongful psychological and physical injury of kids. To learn more, check out the Newport Beach Independent article detailing the firms’ anti-bullying campaign.


Newport Beach Independent

The attorneys at The Injury Law Firm were once again featured in the Newport Beach Independent Newspaper, also known as the NB Indy, for building a mock courtroom in their office so that they can practice arguing their cases in front of a jury before going to trial. Read more on NB Indy’s story about The Injury Law Firm’s mock courtroom