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Typically dogs that have been properly socialized and trained by their owners will not attack a person. In California, the owner of a dog that causes injury to another person can be held liable so long as the victim was not trespassing, the dog was not provoked, the dog was not owned by the victim’s employer, and the victim was not performing a paid service involving the dog.

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At The Injury Law Firm, our Los Angeles dog bite attorneys understand just how traumatic these attacks can be for victims; we can work with you to develop a comprehensive legal strategy that is intended to help you recover compensation for all the pain and suffering associated with the incident that you have endured.

Dog Bites Claims in Los Angeles

The financial burden that may come to be associated with a serious attack can be more than many people may be capable of carrying on their own. It is with that in mind that our legal team in Los Angeles will work with you to recover compensation for all your pain and suffering, including but not limited to the following:

  • All the medical and rehabilitative costs
  • All the income lost during recovery
  • Any detriment to quality of life

Whatever the particulars of your claim happen to be, our Los Angeles legal team can help you fight for the compensation you will need to offset the financial burdens associated with the attack.

Consult with a Dog Bite Attorney in Los Angeles

If you have been attacked by a dog anywhere in greater Los Angeles area, you should consult with a Los Angeles dog bite attorney with The Injury Law Firm about what legal claim to compensation you may now possess. To speak with a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles about the particulars of your accident, please call our Los Angeles offices today.

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