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This particular field of law falls under the realm of tort law. Tort law was implemented as a protection from someone else’s neglect.  If successful in this particular kind of law suit, the victim should be compensated for their loss from the person who caused said loss.

There is no doubt that personal injury accidents are a part of our daily lives. Personal injuries may range from minor abrasions to catastrophic injuries. Many accidents may occur in all sorts of areas, including the more affluent.

Orange County, California has some of the most picturesque settings along its coast. Orange County beaches attract many tourists, from all over the world for business as well as pleasure, throughout the year because of its warmer climate.

Newport Beach is home to many working professionals who come from all walks of life. Newport Beach is ranked eighth in the nation when it comes to median property values whose averages are in the $1 million range. The median household incomes range is approximately $200,000 for 1/4th the population in Newport Beach.

The climate of Newport Beach allows this city to be a major host in many maritime and outdoor activities such as sailing, fishing, cycling, and running. Newport is home to attractions such as the Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Pier, and the Annual Newport Jazz Festival.

With many activities available, personal injuries can occur in areas that would need an attorney with years of experience. Some accidents may require an experienced attorney with a specialty in establishing a claim, dealing with the insurance companies, as well as giving you the professional duty of care in order to obtain the compensation you deserve.

The Injury Law Firm has been serving clients in Southern California faithfully. The Injury Law Firm works on a contingency basis, clients are not charged for any fees or costs unless we are successful at winning your case.

This is one less thing a client has to worry about when going through the daunting task of getting your life back on track. Our firm brings a wealth of experience in personal injury accidents ranging from car accidents, truck accidents, slip and falls, dog bites, and boating accidents, to name a few.

If you or someone you love have been a victim of one of the many personal injury accidents, then you may have questions as to what is the next step in receiving the compensation and recovery for your injuries. Did you know that people who retain an attorney receive approximately 60% more compensation than others that do not receive representation from and attorney?

Because time is valuable in personal injury cases, you will need an attorney that has years of experience navigating through the complexity of filing a claim, speaking with an insurance company, and determining which laws are applicable to your case.

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