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With thousands of semi-trucks on the road every day, unintentional accidents may occur at the most inopportune of moments. Semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles are heavy, have poor visibility, and are often operated by drivers with little experience. If you or someone you know experienced a semi-truck collision, contact the knowledgeable legal staff at The Injury Law Firm. We will give you the answers you need to guide you through the daunting task of getting back on track and receiving the compensation and care you deserve. People who retain an attorney generally receive an average of 60% more money than those that choose to negotiate with the insurance companies themselves.

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Orange County is known across the United States for its beautiful beaches, world renowned amusement parks and museums, as well as other attractions. Orange County boasts one of the most diverse populations in California, as well as a large tourist population almost year round.

The climate of Newport Beach allows the city to play host in many maritime and outdoor activities such as sailing, fishing, cycling, and golfing. Newport is home to attractions such as the Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Pier, and the Annual Newport Jazz Festival.

With many people traveling from around the world to visit, many companies are relying on daily deliveries to keep their business running smoothly.  Some accidents may require an experienced attorney with a specialty in these areas. Establishing a claim, dealing with insurance companies, and getting the care you need can all be daunting tasks alone… but don’t worry. The experienced team at The Injury Law Firm is here to help you.

The Injury Law Firm has been serving clients in Southern California for many years. We are on your side… not the side of the insurance companies. That’s why at The Injury Law Firm works on a contingency only basis. Clients don’t pay anything until we win your case.

If you or a loved one were involved in a commercial vehicle accident, then you may have questions about what to do next. How do you go about choosing a doctor, or what are you entitled to from the insurance companies? We are here to help, with answers to all of your questions. What puts The Injury Law Firm above the competition is the personal touch that we apply to all of our cases.

If you are looking for an experienced attorney, with a knowledgeable legal staff, contact The Injury Law Firm for a free evaluation of your case and determine a course of action that is right for you.

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