According to the National Transportation Safety Board, commercial flights are approximately 60 percent less dangerous compared to driving motor vehicles when measured on a “per mile traveled” basis. Unfortunately, aviation accidents still do occur despite strict aviation standards and protocols governing design, maintenance, inspection, and pilot training.

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Plane crashes tend to involve more people compared to the average motor vehicle accident, thus resulting in a greater number of severe to fatal injuries. Victims who survive such accidents often suffer catastrophic physical and emotional injuries such as brain damage, burns, amputations, broken limbs, and post-traumatic stress disorders. Unfortunately, a great number of plane crashes and other aviation accidents are more likely to involve fatalities.

Common causes of aviation accidents across the country include pilot error, mechanical failure, faulty equipment, structural or design problems, fueling problems, runway defects, FAA violations, negligent air traffic controllers, employee negligence, and poor weather conditions.

Establishing Liability in a Plane Crash

Establishing liability in aviation accidents is far more complicated than it may appear after an initial inspection of the facts presented, as numerous airline personnel, commanding agencies, and even passengers may be charged with either partial or full responsibility for these incidents. Air-traffic controllers, maintenance crews, and part manufacturers may also be involved in one way or another. It is no wonder that determining the cause may take months or even years.

Aviation accident claims can be extremely complex in nature, and require an attorney with an extensive understanding of federal regulations and operating procedures. That’s since applicable laws often vary depending on the location of the accident and the type of aircraft involved. Of course, an aviation accident attorney must not only have a deep knowledge of potentially applicable laws, but must also be able to effectively analyze and apply them to a particular case.

Among the recoverable damages in a plane accident claim include past and future medical expenses, lost earning capacity and lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional anguish, and punitive damages.

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