Dog bites are a very serious problem in the United States, and are a threat to public safety and health. Each year, dogs bite over 4.5 million people throughout the country. One out of every five victims require some form of medical or hospital treatment. Back in 2006, approximately 31,000 animal attack victims required reconstructive surgery due to their injuries.

Being a victim of a dog bite can be a traumatic and painful experience, whether you may be a child or an adult. If a dog has bitten you or a loved one, it’s important to consult with a dog bite attorney from The Injury Law Firm to discuss your options.

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Dog Bites: A Serious Problem

lacey burke attacked by dog at pizza restaurantIf a dog has bitten you, the first thing you should do is have yourself checked by a health professional. Sustaining a dog bite in the face can result in fractures and even nerve damage. Children bitten by dogs are especially prone to infections.

Severe dog bite injuries can result in nerve injury, scarring, infections, as well as emotional and psychological injuries. A number of dog bite victims suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, or become especially nervous or fearful around dogs.

A dog is capable of biting if it feels scared or threatened, regardless of its breed. Of course, certain breeds are more inclined to show signs of violence. Studies show that almost half of all dog bites are committed by Pitbulls. Other aggressive breeds are believed to be the Rottweiler, Mastiff, German shepherd, and Bulldog.

Protecting Your Rights

Dog bite laws in California are rather strict. In order to recover damages for a dog bite, you must have been on public property or lawfully on private property at the time of the attack. Depending on the circumstances of your claim, you may be able to obtain financial compensation for your medical expenses, disability, scarring, or loss of wages.

If you wish to recover damages and ensure that your rights are protected, it is in your best interests to discuss your case with an experienced dog bite attorney from The Injury Law Firm.

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